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Colonics: A Tale of Two Devices

Hello Fellow Cleansers!

As a Wellness Coach, I wanted to share a recent experience with a Libbe-like set up called Angel of Water, an open-gravity system. I figured as a certified colon hydro therapist who administers only the Woods method of colonics, a closed-gravity system, I needed to know what this other method entailed.

I know Natalia Rose, the authority on all things detox, has given her stamp of approval on this “other” gravity method because it’s hard for some people to find the closed gravity system in their areas. Well, let me first say Ana, my dear friend, colleague and mentor, has encouraged me to be as explicit as possible…we shared a great laugh over my experience…one I’m not likely to repeat anytime soon…

Closed Gravity Method

The unit itself is very streamlined and cool looking but that’s where any positive feeling ended. The first hurdle was trying to get myself properly situated on this glorified horizontal toilet and literally squat over and separate my own cheeks (oh the mortification I feel right now) to insert the disposable speculum into my rectum. This is where any resemblance to the Woods closed gravity system ends. The “therapist” then turned on the water full blast and immediately my abdomen swelled to what looked like a 9 month pregnancy and I nearly cried in pain. I had such immediate and intense cramping I thought I would faint. No pulsing of the tubing to SLOWLY encourage water into the bowel this was fast and furious. He told me to “bear down” and thus began the MESSIEST experience I’ve ever had!!! You are literally pooping AND peeing in a horizontal (???) position out and around the speculum inside you!! My worst fears realized I was literally making a mess on myself and all he had to say was “I’ve never seen this happen before, you must not be lying on the table correctly”…….ummm Isn’t that your job to make sure your clients lay on the table correctly to ensure they don’t make a mess on themselves?? It was truly a humiliating process….the passing of gas was loud and undeniable in this method whereas in the closed method it’s a quiet and private issue indicated only by the passing of bubbles. We all have gas (especially us women) but really…is this something we want to hear and share??? I think not !!!

There was truly nothing about this experience I’d want to repeat myself, nor would I recommend to this my clients, not even my clients who regularly get colonics and know what to expect from the process. Frankly, I’m not surprised that colon irrigation has such a bad rap if this is what people are learning and experiencing.

A closed-gravity method in which a highly trained therapist is administering the treatment is really the only way to go with this.

I’m excited to find a location and set up this part of my wellness practice and spread the word on this incredibly wonderful healing modality. I assure my clients and readers, it’ll be worth the wait !

Anyway, just wanted to put this out there and share this experience…I really feel badly for the people who are not near any closed-gravity practitioners, it’s surely a more comfortable and less messy treatment, not to mention so much more dignified.

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