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Becoming A Certified Yoga Instructor

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I love yoga and learning to practice so much I recently immersed myself in a 6 month, 200 hour yoga teacher training and graduated at the end of April. I am now a certified yoga instructor! It has been both a lifeline and a gift and has helped me physically, mentally, and emotionally through some very difficult life periods. I …

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New Year Resolutions: 3 Tips For Success

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Are you frustrated with an inability to make resolutions stick?? If so, read on! For years, I faithfully made New Year resolutions that included the usual getting fit, losing weight, and making more money. By year’s end I was always disappointed in myself — naturally, all this accomplished was exacerbate negative self-talk …. “You never stick with anything,” “You will …

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Discover Your Healing Path’s Own Journey

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Growing up, I had a Scottish BFF whose infectious love and enthusiasm for her country of birth left an indelible mark on my psyche. Her mom had such a charming and colorful accent that I always needed to discover the country for myself — and recently returned from a lifetime-in-the-making journey to Scotland! What a stunning place — far exceeding …

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DYHP Guided Shopping Trips

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One of my favorite services I offer are Guided Shopping Trips. I am always amazed at how habitual people can be in their shopping choices yet question why they are unable to improve their desired results or reach their personal goals. Discover Your Healing Path Guided Shopping Trips are relaxed and fun, an interactive way for people to view shopping …

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DYHP Is Live On Skype!

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Many people don’t realize I am available for remote coaching sessions via Skype. Don’t let location limit your access to quality health coaching and nutritional therapy when we have this technology literally at our fingertips! From the privacy of your desktop, smart phone or tablet, you can now schedule sessions with a qualified health coach professional no matter where in …

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Holistic House Calls

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DYHP is thrilled to introduce a new and valuable offer of Holistic House Calls to the service menu! I am now available to work with your extended family, friends, neighbors, or community group in the privacy of your own home or other convenient setting. Together, we can prepare workshops or seminars on a variety of nutrition subjects such as: The …

Choose Great, Feel Great

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I often counsel clients to improve their food choices and initially get a blank look. “Well what exactly does that mean…improve?” Of course I’m asking you to choose whole foods over processed, convenience or, heaven forbid, fast foods, but that simply isn’t the whole picture. I’m actually asking you to choose, when available, organic, wild-caught, grass-fed and pasture-raised! The bottom …

Jackie Ruiz of Complete Wellness & Fitness

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There are times in your life when someone enters your universe and you can only express the deepest gratitude because you know your life can only improve having them in it. Jackie Ruiz is one of those people; she is a personal trainer but not some run of the mill gym “lunk.” I’ve been around all types of fitness related …

Dancing with Jose

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For those of you who don’t know me that well…I love to dance! Anytime, Anywhere, Any kind! Just put on some really good music and I will shake my groove thing! Freestyle dancing has never been a problem for me but at various social gatherings; parties, weddings, holiday get-togethers, I’ve always been envious of the partner dancing. I’ve watched with …