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Choose Great, Feel Great

Nutrition Coach

I often counsel clients to improve their food choices and initially get a blank look. “Well what exactly does that mean…improve?” Of course I’m asking you to choose whole foods over processed, convenience or, heaven forbid, fast foods, but that simply isn’t the whole picture. I’m actually asking you to choose, when available, organic, wild-caught, grass-fed and pasture-raised! The bottom line is if it’s better for the soil, animal and fish it’s healthier (and tastier) for you.

For example, eggs are a good food choice but to buy conventionally raised eggs is to miss out on the many benefits of eggs (or chicken) raised naturally.

When grass-fed/pastured hens are raised on pasture (also called free-range), as opposed to being kept in confinement and fed primarily grains the eggs contain up to 20 times more healthy omega-3 fatty acids than those of their less fortunate cousins, factory hens.

Pastured hens’ diets are naturally complemented with bugs, earthworms, and other such critters that give their eggs a huge nutritious oomph! Although not necessarily organic, pastured hens are usually much healthier and happier than their space-restricted, antibiotic-pumped, grain-fed industrial cousins.

Pasturing is the traditional method of raising egg-laying hens and other poultry. It is ecologically sustainable, humane, and produces the tastiest, most nutritious eggs. Pastured eggs also have 10 percent less fat, 40 percent more vitamin A, and 34 percent less cholesterol than eggs obtained from factory farms.

Can you see why, especially when it comes to animal proteins, the need to opt for superior quality is that much greater?

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