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Dancing with Jose

For those of you who don’t know this Holistic Health Coach that well…I love to dance! Anytime, Anywhere, Any kind! Just put on some really good music and I will shake my groove thing! Freestyle dancing has never been a problem for me but at various social gatherings; parties, weddings, holiday get-togethers, I’ve always been envious of the partner dancing. I’ve watched with extreme jealousy couples doing the hustle or Salsa or super sexy Bachata and wondered why can’t I? Well, why can’t I or you for that matter?! You can. You just need a teacher. And like with learning anything new sometimes the teacher makes all the difference.

Meet Jose Bolivar. Jose is quite honestly one of the best teachers I’ve had for anything! He’s hysterically funny, warm and supportive. But it’s his teaching skills that are a real standout; he knows how to layer on the lessons in such a way that you never feel overwhelmed, he’s always changing it up, going from one style of dance to another (for example hustle to salsa) so you don’t get stuck on any one step or pattern. The best thing though is that he gets beginners up and dancing right away, with no lengthy discussions on form or any one step. This fuels motivation and promotes the feeling of success and achievement and you dance the entire time of your lesson so you really get serious practice time in. Jose is downright passionate about dance and you can’t help but to absorb that excitement, it’s inspiring!

If you’ve ever wanted to dance socially with a partner but never learned the basics the time is now and the teacher is Jose. He’s in Nassau County and works out of several studios for your convenience. Work with him privately or take his classes. Stopping putting it off…it’s time to Salsa!!! Or Swing, or Hustle, or Bachata!

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