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DYHP Guided Shopping Trips

Health Coach Healthy Shopping

One of my favorite services I offer are Guided Shopping Trips. I am always amazed at how habitual people can be in their shopping choices yet question why they are unable to improve their desired results or reach their personal goals.

Discover Your Healing Path Guided Shopping Trips are relaxed and fun, an interactive way for people to view shopping through the eyes of an experienced health coach. Most often the goal being health, wellness, and/or weight management. Too many people simply do not know how to navigate a grocery store or farmer’s market, mostly because they have not been taught to look for alternative, healthier options. Shopping with health and wellness in mind is a learned skill, not a chore, not a bore, and absolutely life giving once you get the hang of it.

One of the first things I teach is to read ingredients to discover what hidden secrets lie in food labeling. Many clients are shocked at the different names given to bad things in seemingly healthy foods, and again, we wonder why our efforts don’t work when we’ve been trying so hard to do all the right things.

Healthy Choices

I help clients discover new foods they may never have considered or have been afraid to try, from new vegetables and how to prepare them to grains, meats, poultry and dairy…. you name it, I have a recipe or zesty idea that will make your meals more flavorful, healthy and FUN. Together, we can gather fresh new ingredients, discuss ideas for meal planning with delicious easy to make recipes to achieve the most nutrition and pleasure, and empower you to make lasting changes.

With me on your team you won’t feel intimidated by food labeling or too exotic seeming ingredients — you’ll come away armed with knowledge and a spark of adventure with each new trip to the market and all the way to your plate! Give me a call, let’s go have some fun!

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