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Discover Freedom from restrictive dieting, rules and limitations.

Discover freedom from dieting rules and limitations even if you’re the type of person that benefits from some structure. The value of private, one on one coaching is that you explore and learn what truly good nutrition is so that you understand what healthy eating is all about. You don’t have to diet, whether your goal is weight loss or maintenance and healthy living, you can meet your goals without pressure of rules.

A recent client admitted to a lifetime of going from one difficult diet to another. She has tried among others low-fat, low-carb, low-calorie, and even a fully raw food diet in an effort to lose weight and despite her efforts her weight continued to yo yo and she remained on an emotional roller coaster in her relationship with food which was characterized by guilt and shame. My role as a health coach was to help educate her about nutrition and guide her towards a lifestyle rather than any specific diet. She eventually lost the weight and has successfully kept it off. The search is off! No trendy diets needed.