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Healing Hands Pilates and Massage

Healing Hands Massage & Pilates: New Discoveries, Discover Your Healing Path

Holistic Wellness Coach – Pilates & Massage

Technically my discovery of the offerings at Healing Hands is not new. I’ve been working with these amazing women for some time now and even though they’re mentioned on my website under Local is Best, I’ve wanted to speak about their services for a while now. In a word…Excellent! Offerings at this wellness center are a first class experience. The massages, whether you choose Swedish, deep tissue or Thai ball, are, in a word, transporting. Who couldn’t stand to be transported from their lives once in a while?? I truly think Nicole is the most talented massage therapist I’ve ever worked with but Agi and Ash have excellent skills themselves.

When it comes to Pilates training these women are masters at their craft; I’ve worked with Agi for nearly 2 years and despite a cervical fusion and years of neck pain I’ve built incredible core strength and stamina. Agi is an expert Pilates teacher with an intuitive understanding of anatomy and the muscular-skeletal structure. She’s lovely but exacting, tough and thorough, just what you need in a fitness coach.

They really care about you too, in fact, everything at Healing Hands begins with the question “how are you?” or “how is your body?” and they are genuinely interested in your answer!

The studio offers both classes and private instruction and however you choose to work with these ladies you will be in the care of skilled professionals.

I’m at home at Healing Hands and can’t imagine my fitness regime without my training there.

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