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Healing – Discover improved wellness with personalized guidance and support, Discover Self-Care.

Do you have health issues or medical challenges? Have you received a diagnosis or prognosis you are unhappy with and want to change or reverse? Perhaps it’s time to learn to heal and support yourself with natural and holistic therapies. But where do you start there are so many holistic healing modality is available how do you know what will help and support you best?

As your Long Island health coach, I will help guide you to put you on the path to healing and get you to the place where your body‘s natural inclination to heal itself is working at full strength. Even if you’re in good health you want your body and mind to be at your most optimal in order to face whatever may come.

I have helped clients with all kinds of issues from autoimmune diseases to digestive disorders and inflammatory based disorders like diabetes and heart disease to discover improved wellness with my personalized guidance and support for self-care planning.