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Health  - Discover vitality, energy and balance in your life. Feel your BEST!

What is health to you? We all have general notions as well as specific ideas about what health is but the official definition of health is being free from illness or injury, both referring to a person’s mental or physical state. But is it enough to just have an absence of disease to feel healthy? I know people who neither have injury nor disease that I would not classify as healthy. I’ve come to appreciate health not just as the absence of disease or injury but the presence of vitality, energy and balance in your life as well as the physical and mental strength and resilience to endure whatever ailments you might face in the future.

However, to individuals, health can be more complex and nuanced because everyone has their own unique challenges and goals in life.

As an example, a recent recent client, a women of 68, is often sleep deprived due to ongoing menopause symptoms. For her, having restful sleep would be a major improvement on her health as the myriad benefits are often elusive such as mental clarity, immune system support, reduced stress and improved mood just to name a few.

I help clients discover their unique path to health by getting educated about healthy eating and healthy living and determining a one of a kind, personalized plan with room to grow and change. Clients learn and employ tools that will get them and keep them feeling robust and vibrant, their best self. You too can begin to feel robust and vibrant! I know I've done my job when you are your best self!