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Holistic House Calls

DYHP is thrilled to introduce a new and valuable offer of Holistic House Calls to the service menu!

I am now available to work with your extended family, friends, neighbors, or community group in the privacy of your own home or other convenient setting. Together, we can prepare workshops or seminars on a variety of nutrition subjects such as:

  • The benefits of organics and locally grown food
  • Juicing tips for the tastiest and most healthy results. It’s much easier and far more satisfying than you may think.
  • Feeding a family a healthy diet on a budget
  • The dangers of processed f­oods and the Standard American Diet; AKA —> S.A.D., (Who’s with me here?)
  • Weight loss, detox cleansing, and nutritional support for illness and disease.

What brings me the greatest joy about this new service is that it is an affordable way to have access to a holistic health coach, and to help people share knowledge among friends and community for better living all around. Healthy food choices no longer need be an out of reach concept and my passion is teaching people how simple and fun it can be!

What are you waiting for? Let’s do this together and get busy LIVING and loving your new life affirming choices.

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