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There are times in your life when someone enters your universe and you can only express the deepest gratitude because you know your life can only improve having them in it. Jackie Ruiz is one of those people; she is a personal trainer but not some run of the mill gym “lunk.” I’ve been around all types of fitness related professionals but Jackie is the smartest, most knowledgeable and intuitive fitness coach I’ve ever worked with or heard of. She is compassionate and really takes an interest in her clients but what makes her really special is the fact that she has a degree in exercise science which gives her an edge over the rest. Jackie individualizes a plan based on your goals, fitness level and knows how to work with and around injuries and limitations.

Since I’ve been working with Jackie I’ve achieved incredible progress in strength, stamina and endurance and my body has changed significantly! I’ve come to trust her fully in what is safe and right for my body and in the process I’m learning so much. The real lesson here is do your homework when finding someone to work with, make sure they have the right credentials and experience and they know how to customize the training for you and your needs. Jackie works with all kinds of people and is expert at helping them achieve their fitness goals. She not only does private training sessions but teaches classes as well.

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