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Journal of a 7 Day Juice Fast: Day Five

I’m thrilled to say I believe I’m over the hump ! I woke up (yes, I slept !) feeling so much better than when I went to sleep. I’m much more energetic, clearer in my mind and can’t believe how my level of creativity has even increased. I spent the morning driven and motivated to tackle a very many projects on my desk that I’ve been procrastinating about getting to. I knew this “high” (for lack of a better word) would eventually come but I’m frankly always amazed when it does. How is it possible to feel this fabulous with out a belly full of food ?? Well it is.

I’ve been considering (and living) some of the other benefits of a juice fast and I think this is a great time to review the rest. I’ve discussed several benefits in an earlier blog but have a few more to touch on now. I figure there’s probably more that I haven’t yet figured out or researched. If you, dear reader, think or learn of something that I’ve not mentioned I ask you to email me.

Juicing raises the level of our body intelligence. Eating live, high- vibration foods means an increase of electrical and magnetic energy in the body, thus increasing and improving the receptivity of the brain and nervous system. This enhanced receptivity improves the body’s ability to communicate it’s needs to the brain and other organs and systems within the body. This communication between body and mind is our body’s intelligence. An awakened body intelligence will positively influence your appetite and eating choices. Our health is improved for this reason and because of an influx of dynamic unrefined nutrients and trace minerals and vital life energy.

Eating raw vital foods and/or juicing sets our body’s purification system in a higher gear . Purification is necessary in order to rid ourselves of impurities and free radicals. Our bodies are always in a state of detoxification but because vital foods add live atomic energy into the bloodstream it aids the body’s ability to carry away, distribute and eliminate dead cells, toxins and poisons out of the body more effectively.

It’s easy to see now that juicing can certainly improve your overall health. By ingesting those vital raw plants we can promote and enhance our health more powerfully than with any powder, supplement or drug. Our bodies know how fast or slow to travel on the HEALING PATH to optimal wellness…all this with little abstinence or self-denial.

Finally, we get to the benefit that interests mostly everyone is this process….WEIGHT LOSS ! Adding raw vegetable juices to your life helps you lose weight for a variety of reasons. First, our true appetite improves, and what I mean by true is that we are no longer ruled by our unhealthy food cravings and addictions. Second, our digestion and elimination processes are better and more effective. Third, our metabolism increases over time as a result of a more efficient and effective digestive system and of course exercise/movement is fundamental in this. Juicing can also correct malnutrition in the body…and frankly so many of us are nutritionally deficit.

Face it friends, a healthy body will not easily gain weight. A healthy body will urge you to exercise and eat lighter because storing food and accumulated waste is a drain on the organs and promotes illness and disease.

If these reasons are not compelling enough to convince you of the enormous potential health gains to be found in adding raw vegetable juicing and perhaps green juice fasting to your life I’m not sure what will. Pretty powerful stuff, I say.

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