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Journal of a 7 Day Juice Fast: Day Four

Well day four is starting out pretty interesting…I have a mild headache, sleep was elusive again last night so I’m dragging a bit and I’m having a small breakout….whose idea was this again ?? Oh yeah, mine.

Nah….it’s really not that bad, by mid-morning my energy improved a bit (maybe the raw coconut water) and I no longer felt like a slug.

I actually drove home from my retreat this morning, preferring to be in my own space and avoiding my own kitchen. I was happy to find that I was quite productive and creative at my desk for a number of hours…it’s amazing how much food slows you down!

This is no easy endeavor, I’m not going to lie or sugar coat the process but the benefits to juice fasting are numerous and health generating.

It begins with improved digestion. With the fiber removed in the extraction process, these vital juices retain their digestive enzymes. These enzymes get to work on breaking down old food matter lodged in your digestive tract. Improving digestion improves the health of the body. Less undigested food in your digestive tract means more energy and a lighter state of being.

Raw vegetable juices require little digestion and offers the body a myriad of vital nutrition in the form of essential vitamins and minerals (which our bodies require but don’t make) in the most natural and powerful state. These nutrients, trace elements and living enzymes cannot be gotten in any other form other than fresh plant food and with so little digestion required, the body absorbs and assimilates the juice’s supply of potent live nutrients, quickly and effortlessly.

Since very few of us are eating the way we should to achieve optimal health juicing can be a building block to transform a poor diet to a healthier one. The consumption of raw vegetable juices can reform eating habits as well. Foods that weaken your energy and sense of well being can slowly lose their appeal once you have been awakened to the experience of feeling healthy, energetic and vibrant. This awakened body intelligence innately directs and guides the body towards optimal health.

Juicing also reduces food cravings! A food craving is an intense desire to consume a particular food especially under stress. Cravings for starches, sweets, junk food or snack foods are often described as a compelling craving and are considered an addiction. By bringing the body more into balance with a supply of nutrients and minerals we are both physiologically and emotionally more equipped to cope with those cravings.

Our cells and organs are made up of primary elements found in the produce of the earth, primarily oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, sodium, iron, sulfur, phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, calcium and other named and unnamed elements. The health of our bodies is dependent on ingestion of those same elements that make up human cells. Basically our earthly bodies require earthly elements and juicing raw fruit and vegetables offers the body the components needed to regenerate and heal itself.

It’s late friends and I’m feeling sleepy (finally), I’ll be back tomorrow to fill you in on the remaining benefits of juice fasting.

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