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Journal of a 7 Day Juice Fast: Day One

It’s Monday morning, the first day of my juice fast and I’m filled with hope and excitement. I know I’ve made an excellent decision to support my health and I look forward to reaping the many benefits of this deep tissue cleansing. I’m sipping my first juice of the day and I’m considering just how much time I’ll have today without thinking about food plus the chores related to it; shopping, planning, cooking and eating. It’s kind of crazy when you think about just how much time and energy we exert on food related matters ! My only To-Do is making sure I have some delicious green juices to nourish myself throughout the day.

I know from past experience that the first few days of a juice fast can be a little challenging; mentally because in your everyday life you habitually think of food pretty much all day….“what will I eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks…when will I shop, what will I buy, how will I prepare it?” Along with all the related issues and energy depleting thoughts…“How fat will this make me, or how thin could I get if I don‘t eat this” or the inevitable negotiating with ourselves that we all do…“Well if I eat this I’ll have to skip this and this or if I skip this I’ll be able to eat this later.”

How amazing and freeing to take a break from this incessant inner monologue!!

The physical challenge is the beginning of the detox that occurs in those early days when your body is doing the ‘heavy lifting’ with regard to pushing toxins out. The best thing we can do for ourselves is be prepared and have those all important colonics lined up to assist the body in it’s detoxifying measures. The more toxic we are (and we are all bearing some measure of toxicity) the more necessary home enemas and professionally administered gravity colonics are necessary throughout our fast.

As Natalia Rose, an authority on intelligent cleansing, states, if you’re not removing the accumulated waste that’s being awakened through the power of the rich alkalinity and re-hydrating impact of juicing you are not truly detoxing.

Another aspect of the physical challenge is dealing with those moments of feeling “low.” That temporary low in energy which is often defined as hunger. Fortunately most Americans don’t know hunger in it’s truest form. What we call hunger pains are merely “stirrings” from a body used to getting food in abundance and on a schedule. These stirrings usually clear up with a little juice and are gone in a few days when your body finally understands you’re not feeding it and that’s OK !!

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