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Journal of a 7 Day Juice Fast: Day Six

I cannot believe it’s day six already. I say “YEEHAH!”

I’m not surprised that I made it this far, I’ve done it before and knew I could do it again, I’m a determined person once I’ve made a decision. What surprises me is how fast the time has passed and how much I accomplished in the last few days…frankly, that never fails to astonish me. When we’re not food-focused it frees up so much time and energy to concentrate on and do other things.

I’ve had a Pilates workout, met with one of my favorite clients (who by the way looks and sounds fabulous; weight loss, glowing skin and a smile from ear to ear), finished a project that’s been driving me crazy for months and did a couple of loads of laundry to boot. I’m so energetic it’s actually tough to sit down for any length of time!

Besides the limitless energy I also feel so incredibly happy and not for any particular reason. I just feel so positive and clear and hopeful. This feeling, both physical and mental, should be bottled and sold I tell you. Who wouldn’t want to feel this WONDERFUL?

So you’re probably thinking I’m exaggerating but truly I’m not. It’s hard to describe the lighter state of being I’m experiencing, all I can say is you really must try to this for yourself.

Of course fasting is no joke and must be approached carefully and with conservatism. If you are not experienced in this practice you really should have a health coach (yes, like me) guide you through the smartest way to approach and prepare for it. What to do in the days leading up to your juice fast, those days during and very important, the 2-3 days post fast. Easing off a fast should be approached cautiously and planned well otherwise you can gain back all the weight you’ve lost as opposed to a few pounds (to be expected).

The truth is even if you’re not ready for a lengthy fast…it’s pretty easy to incorporate some of the principles…such as juicing instead of eating breakfast, thereby eliminating one meal from your daily regiment or even juicing until dinner, which cuts you down to one meal a day….perfectly healthy to have that gap in your digestion and it has a supremely cleansing effect. Or if you’re really brave you could take a full 24 hour period with juice only and really surprise your body (because surprising your body is a good thing).

Either way I hope you’ll try something because I want everyone to feel, even in some small measure, this incredible lightness.

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