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Journal of a 7 Day Juice Fast: Day Two

It’s the second day of my fast and I’m doing pretty well. I feel energetic despite some allergy issues. I’ve had an hour Pilates workout followed by a brisk 50 minute walk with mom and I’m about to tackle some projects at my desk.

Late last night I cheated with a couple of tomatoes (you know the ones I’ve been obsessed with) not because I felt hungry but because I was in the kitchen when other people were eating and felt left out. I realized quickly what was going on and left the kitchen immediately. I had a talk with myself that I think was helpful. One of my struggles with fasting is this weird thought that nags me constantly that I’ll never eat again. Crazy, huh?

It is crazy from an intellectual point of view but the emotional ‘child’ that resides in me doesn’t want to be told no. I said to myself “your concerns are valid but you don’t need to fret, you will eat again” and quickly distracted myself with a mug of hot organic veggie broth and last night’s episode of Dancing With The Stars. I forgave myself the transgression and moved on.

I started this day with something my friend, Linda, and amazing colon hydro therapist, shared with me. She encouraged me to I tell myself “this is going to be a great day!” and so far it is.

Later in the day I’m driving out to the north Fork of Long Island for a 3 day stay in Jamesport for a juicing retreat. I’m excited to be out my element and away from temptations but anxious for the same reasons. More on that later….

I arrived at my juice retreat late this afternoon feeling a bit cranky and edgy (probably from all the traffic on the LIE) but all negativity was set aside when I found myself in a truly beautiful home that Mary Maguire and her lovely artist husband Charles open to juice fasters and cleansers.

Though it’s early April you can see that the property has the most charming landscaping, making the views from every window just perfect for laying on a couch and lazily gazing out. The inside of the house is exceptional, it’s filled with gorgeous artwork and luxurious furniture and according to my hosts the perfect detox environment…unbleached linen curtains, low voc’s (volatile organic compounds) paints and other environmentally friendly things that emit less off-gassing and therefore are supportive of a cleanse.

Mary herself, is warm and welcoming and sat with us fasters nearly the whole evening kindly sharing her attention equally between the three of us.

I instantly felt a connection with this wise woman and I believe this will be a really wonderful three days.

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