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Journal of a 7 Day Juice Fast: The Day Before

Looking A Head

It’s Sunday, the day before I’m set to begin a week long juice fast. I admit to some anxiety…..not because I’m worried about this process, I’ve done it before with amazing results, but because the first few days are the toughest.

Tough because food is an emotional, as well as, physical dependence. It’s habitual, often comforting and sometimes numbing, depending on what, where and how we eat.

Certainly at this point in my journey of establishing a “cleansing” lifestyle my emotional dependence on food has evolved in that I crave and desire whole foods as opposed to highly processed foods. I often fantasize (seriously, people) about avocados with a squeeze of lime and a dash of sea salt….a “go to” snack for me, or these fabulous little Pearl tomatoes (available @Trader Joe’s) that I could literally eat a whole box of in one sitting. But the bottom line is that any addictive behavior should be challenged on a continual basis.

I’m a big believer in this idea. All food addictions (and other addictions as well) should be challenged, it doesn’t matter if they are to the “healthy” foods. The difference is that whole foods don’t necessarily yield the same


An addiction is an addiction however, and impacts our emotional well-being in a big way. Our self-esteem and self-respect suffer when we fail to set and live within the boundaries that we ideally want to set for ourselves. For example, you may wake up and say “Today I’m not having any sweets and only eating salads.” Halfway through the day you have something to eat on impulse and spent the rest of the day beating yourself up for not having integrity with yourself, for lying to yourself and for not being able to stick to a plan you yourself laid out. Sound familiar?

This is a struggle for so many of us and one of the reasons I often challenge myself to take some time away from food and the emotional/physical pitfalls of eating to REBOOT. Yes, I said “reboot” because that’s exactly what a juice fast can do for you.

The benefits of a juice fast are plentiful and I’ll speak to many of them over the next week but most important to me is giving my body an opportunity to heal and a little weight loss never hurt anyone !

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