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New Year Resolutions: 3 Tips For Success

Are you frustrated with an inability to make resolutions stick?? If so, read on!

For years, I faithfully made New Year resolutions that included the usual getting fit, losing weight, and making more money. By year’s end I was always disappointed in myself — naturally, all this accomplished was exacerbate negative self-talk …. “You never stick with anything,” “You will never achieve your goals” “You have no discipline.“ I felt like Annette Bening’s character from American Beauty. You can imagine the pain I caused myself as self criticism spiraled out of control. Negativity always begets more of the same. Does any of this sound familiar? Who hasn’t been there at some point, really?

At the beginning of 2016 I was determined to not make any resolutions since it appeared to create frustration and failure and only made me feel bad about myself. Undaunted, I was determined to find a way to reach a goal. I decided to conduct an experiment.

Since yoga is such an important part of my life and I always want to do more of it I figured this is the goal I would work on. Adding more yoga in my life was the singular objective … not an overwhelming list of (likely unattainable!) things I had to do. Nor did I define exactly how to achieve it because that didn’t matter — I kept it loose and unplanned. First, I got in touch with why yoga was such an important part of my life, and doing that really helped me commit to my plan: It helps me manage stress and anxiety, keeps me strong and flexible, and lastly, taking classes and sharing good vibes brings a sense of community to my life.

Taking this approach, I am happy to announce this year’s end brought a happy sense of accomplishment and pride, I’ve achieved my desire of adding more yoga to my life! I attend more classes, practice more at home, and even started a 200 hour teacher training. I don’t stress or beat myself up mentally or emotionally when I don’t get to a class or practice at home. Rather, I maintain confidence that I will tomorrow.

So the takeaway is this:

  1. Set an intention or goal and be clear on why you want to do it (or not if that’s the case). Really explore what it means to you and what it will do for you. Write your discoveries DOWN.
  2. Be realistic and plan achievable steps. Having a long list of resolutions will quickly become overwhelming … typically, I give my health coaching clients no more than 3 things to work on because the name of the game is: ATTAINABLE.
  3. Be kind to yourself. This is sometimes the most challenging aspect of making changes in your life but promise yourself that you’ll be happy with even the smallest measure of progress and congratulate yourself for it! Practice excellent SELF CARE.

Give it a try, it can’t hurt to do something positive for yourself in a new and different way. And let the DYHP Facebook community know how your approach goes!

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