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I came across Jeanette's page as I was researching different approaches to help me with some of my health issues. Under-active thyroid, pituitary tumor, possible PCOS, uncontrollable weight gain, insomnia and fatigue were just a few of the symptoms I was dealing with. Every day I was crashing at about 1-2pm no matter how much sleep I got the prior night. I tried every program in the book. I did some of my own trial and error and eliminations with different foods. At one point I was weighing and measuring everything single food item I was putting in my body with the hopes that watching everything I ate down to the measurement could help me control what was going on. I was at a loss. I was prescribed two different medications and my doctors literally told me this must be where my body felt comfortable. But it wasn't where I felt comfortable.When I found Jeanette she spoke to me for the first time on the phone for about 45 minutes and at that time I knew this was something I had to do and I trusted she would help and assist me. We decided to start with a 4-week guided cleanse. For the first time in two years my weight finally started to shift. I started to sleep better, my skin looked healthier and I had more energy. I was not only provided with the tools to help me over the course of my 4-week cleanse but to continue utilizing in my everyday life going forward.

Jeanette is beyond knowledgeable and informative and compassionate with everything she teaches you and I am so thankful I found her. She was beyond helpful as far as being there for me the entire 4 weeks, answering any email or text with questions I had. I was also introduced to so many foods I never tried before and provided so many different options as far as what to eat and not eat, I was never deprived and not once did I feel like I couldn't get through it. Jeanette also provided a ton of recipes for me to try! This was my first time with a holistic coach and approach towards my lifestyle and I couldn't recommend Jeanette more!
Lauren Guzzardi

“For anyone thinking of calling Jeanette, let me tell you about my recent experience with her. 2 years ago, I met my fiance and my life opened up in ways I never imagined. With our wedding right around the corner I really wanted to address some issues I had struggled with forever before The Big Day. One of them being a stubborn 10 pounds I could never lose no matter what I did. I also suffered from digestive distress and was diagnosed with IBS last year. Trying on wedding dresses can be so stressful and I felt unable to decide with that awful extra 10-15 lbs and ongoing physical discomfort. Nothing looked good and it just made me so sad and anxious.

So I made a goal: to lose 20 lbs, and learn to manage my stress and anxiety better so our wedding would be the very best it can be, and to enjoy myself and the day with the love of my life. And who wants to be a bridezilla? Not me!

My aunt referred me to Jeanette and after our free consultation I knew she was the right person for me and what I needed to accomplish. I chose a 4 week cleanse and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. I won’t lie, it was full of tough moments and challenges except that somewhere along the way I started to feel truly amazing and could fully see how my choices were affecting my well being, and it just kind of clicked for me. I started to enjoy making wiser choices, my old habits fell away, and little by little, so did the pounds. And I had more energy to work out and even found it fun for the first time ever. Another huge plus was my digestive system finally calmed down, which helped me relax even more.

So I made it through the 4 weeks and here is where I am now. I’ve lost 16 lbs and I am so strong and empowered. My self esteem has soared, my skin is radiant, and the skills I learned from Jeanette have definitely changed the way I do pretty much everything. I think of our time together as a true game changer, and this knowledge is definitely with me for the long haul. And I love working out now that I have so much more energy! I chose my wedding dress and have zero stress about everything that once had me so frazzled and doubting myself.

I have to say this about Jeanette. She was beyond patient and never once judged me or my choices. And she has this great way of explaining things in a way that just made immediate sense to me. Like I said before, there were tough moments but she was always available and could talk me down from the ledge and guide me back on track so I never felt alone. She’s just the best and I cannot recommend her highly enough. In fact I plan to work with her again as needed because I never want to feel the way I used to and called normal. Thank you so much Jeanette!”

“First of all I would like to say I searched for a Holistic Health Coach in order to have better knowledge about food and what best fuels my organs, my skin, my smile, my brain power, and so much more.

Let me say that meeting Jeanette has been a wonderful experience. Jeanette is bundle of intelligence, knowledge, great examples, and fun, fun, fun. She is humble, smart, and welcoming. I have enjoyed learning from Jeanette.

It has been rewarding to apply my new knowledge to my everyday life. I love juicing. I adore eating healthier and taking care of my inner and outer self. I treasure my friendship with Jeanette, she is super cool and super smart.

I highly recommend Jeanette Tiomkin at Discover your Healing Path.

“To be honest, I did not know what I was getting myself into. I knew I wanted to get healthier and took very small steps to getting there but I was not seeing any results. I found Jeanette’s website after an hour Google search through various holistic nutritionists. I decided to take the plunge and do the free consultation. During the consultation, Jeanette was friendly and very informative and made me feel comfortable.

After I spoke with her, I decided that the cost of the program would be worth my path to health, so I did a 4 week guided cleanse. My first meeting with Jeanette face to face was lengthy but informative. Jeanette knows so much about truly making a difference in your health and the fact that it is a holistic approach, made me feel much better. I did not want to do some crazy diet plan or insane gym program. Jeanette showed me a typical day of my cleanse and at first I was not sure if I could do it. But I buckled down and got organized and that really helped. Jeanette already had all the information grouped together, all I had to do was organize it, to truly get the best out of the cleanse (I recommend a binder, as old school as it is).

With organization and Jeanette’s mass of knowledge and amazing attitude, I was able to do the cleanse and learn a lot about how food and my body worked. I have to say, I felt really good after the first week, and I did not feel deprived. I did have some difficulty getting creative with my food, but doing a quick search on Google for recipes and using some of Jeanette’s recipes, it definitely helped me out a lot. And juicing is so much easier and delicious than I ever realized.

I have to say without Jeanette and my family, this journey would be have been that much harder. I cannot say enough about Jeanette’s mentoring throughout this whole process. She is very friendly, informative, and keeps it real (something I very much appreciate when it comes to my health). If you are thinking about getting your health back, I would 100% recommend Jeanette. She has a few different options for you, depending on what you want to do. Let me tell you, your health is worth it and Jeanette can definitely help you.”

“Educational, survival, healthy living, energizing, feeling amazing, are just a few words to describe the new path that my boyfriend and I embarked on once we met with Jeanette Tiomkin. I was a little skeptical as to what I was going to expect when meeting her. I have to say that she is so passionate about what she does that I immediately trusted her guidance. She gave us a lot of literature which helped us understand what the 4 week cleanse (new LIFESTYLE) will consist of.

I’m not going to lie but the first two weeks of my cleanse I felt very overwhelmed, I was on edge, and didn’t know how I will continue with the detox still feeling this way but I was determined. Jeanette did explain to me that woman are sensitive to the cleanse due to the fact that toxins are leaving your body. Boy was she was right, by the third week I felt AMAZING!!! I was perky early in the morning; full of so much energy that my co-workers were getting annoyed…lol. This new path basically changed my life; I mean who wouldn’t want to feel good every day! I know I do, so I will continue on doing so. Thank you Jeanette, for guiding me through my new lifestyle.”
Karen Neira

“I recently decided to change my eating habits due to a routine visit to the doctor. My sugar levels were high, claiming borderline diabetic. My cholesterol was slightly higher than the year before. I was heading in the wrong direction and if I continued to eat in the same fashion it wouldn’t be long before my body would be in a state where disease flourishes. I expressed my concern to my doctor and asked for a specific diet and the response was “just eat low sodium foods and lower your sugar intake”. I realized I had to find someone that could help me change the way I eat and think about food. I searched the web and found a holistic health coach named, Jeanette Tiomkin. I email her, we talked, we met and she made a difference in my life.

I love to cook and eat and I think, we all enjoy our friends at the table, so probably the hardest part of the 4 week cleanse, for me, was socializing. I was apprehensive at first to juicing. Could I drink this juice every day? Would I miss all the foods that I love? What about coffee, I can’t drink coffee without milk. Well it’s not as bad as I thought. After talking with Jeanette I felt comfortable and confident in changing the way I eat. I was given material to read which helped me make the decision to jump right in and start juicing. I first learned drinking a 16 oz vegetable juice in the morning nourished my body and kept me feeling satisfied throughout the day. During the first week I experience headaches from detoxifying my body, but by the second week I started to feel more energized. During the four weeks of detoxifying my body, I was fortunate to have Jeanette’s great support answering my questions and continuing with her encouragement. After that first week things started to get better my energy levels started to increase and I was able to wake right up in the morning. Slowly things started to change and because of all these positive changes I won’t stop juicing. I have followed a plan for four weeks and I believe that my body is changing to a point where diseases will have a harder time flourishing.”
Eileen F.

“My name is Matthew Alexander. I’m 35 years old. On October 1, 2014 I lost my mother to cancer. Upon grieving and perplexed by her death, I started to investigate the cause. I came to the conclusion there was a good possibility that her diet could had been one of the causes for the cancer that had taken her life. Although I can’t prove this I truly believe it. Through my research I began educating myself on our country’s standards of farming, crops and animals. My findings were appalling. I proactively pursued finding someone who could guide/coach my girlfriend and me into a new lifestyle. We found Jeanette Tiomkin. Jeanette offered us a free 30min consultation. After the consultation we knew she was the one.

We chose the 4 week cleanse. The program was set up perfectly by Jeanette. As you could imagine you would think a lifestyle change like this would be very overwhelming, but the way Jeanette strategically plans your cleanse week by week takes away lots of anxiety that can definitely occur. Jeanette provided us with tons of information which allowed us to educated ourselves for building a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. We met with her for 90 min the first time and 60 min for the last 3 sessions. We would meet at whole food in Jericho. If you’re not a FOODIE like my girlfriend and I this place can seem very overwhelming. But Jeanette walked us through several times and showed us what to buy and what NOT to buy etc. She was always there to take our calls, answer our texts etc. We had found a mentor/friend.

The new found energy/ happiness in our life is PRICELESS! You can’t begin to imagine how life altering this has been for us. YOU HAVE TO TRY IT!

I am an Executive Chef. This entire experience was exceptionally FUN. It challenged me to master a new cuisine. I am now taking this knowledge and implementing it into my repertoire. It has changed my professional outlook in my field.

I strongly recommend Jeanette Tiomkin. She is AMAZING! She and I will be working together on future projects. Thank you.”
Chef Matthew Alexander

“I feel very empowered to make better choices at the supermarket and restaurants.“

“This is such an adventure — I do feel better, I have cut down on my cortisone, and my Tylenol. My muscles/bones what have you do not ache as much. I want to know what I am eating that is doing that so that I can eat more of it.“
Meryl Ko.

“Thank you for the time you spent with us and all the after work you did to answer our questions. I really enjoyed the classes and learned quite a great deal from you. Your approach is refreshing and spot on.“
Wendy M.

“(I’m) more aware of food that’s processed and how to eat healthy and stay healthy.”

“After many many months of sinus infections and so many medications-I finally feel well- and cleansed!”
Mary K.

“I liked learning about how to live healthier. So much good information (and I thought I was fairly well-informed). I liked the atmosphere you created. You brought together total strangers and I enjoyed getting together each week. I also enjoyed and appreciate the wonderful giveaways!”

“It could save your life if you are ill.”
Joyce K.

“I can’t believe I feel this good….I’m addicted to this.”
Jon T. – Olympic Athlete and Coach

“I have been on this site and I learned so much from this site. It is very informative, humorous and exciting (not boring or preachy). I like Clara. Please go on the site to meet Clara. Jeanette is a very articulate, passionate woman who believes strongly about her holistic approach to good health and well-being. For example, this means that we should be eating live foods without pesticides; how we should combine our healthy foods (eat leafy and raw greens first and other foods, like chicken last). If you want to know more, check her site or give her a call. I take counseling from her, so I speak from experience.”
Natalie A.

“I was reluctant to call Jeanette because I’d consulted with SO many nutritionists, naturopaths, and ‘health coaches’ over the years that I was virtually certain my problem was unsolvable. I figured I’d just have to live with constant cravings (at an intolerable level), give up my pursuit of a raw lifestyle, or just eventually resign myself to being a ‘happy fat guy’ (as if there were any such thing!) But it only took ONE paid session to solve my major issues. I was immediately able to resume my athletics without hunger or stomach upset, found simple ‘why-didn’t-I-think-of-that’ substitutes for my major trouble foods, and found myself more or less effortlessly accomplishing my goals. If you’re on the fence about Jeanette for any reason, I suggest you simply pick up the phone and request your free consultation. Yes, (you), right now. After all, what if I’m right!?”
Glenn L. Ph.D

“As I continue to pursue a healthier way of eating i am learning that there is no telling where I will learn my next hot tip on how to do this properly. I am learning that this an on going process in which you seek to always keep learning more. The pursuit of healthy eating may be more important that achieving it because it seems that to do this right you have to commit to working on doing better every day or you risk falling back into the land of processed food.

By way of example, I was at a Shiva call this past week at which there was a group discussion, initiated by the delivery of a basket from incredible edibles,(the people who make fruit look like a flower arrangement,) as to how to determine if a pineapple is ripe and thus ready to be cut and eaten. One of the assembled, who laid claim to being a descendant of a long line of “fruit men” — his father and grandfather — took it upon himself to enlighten the assembled. Although he had left the fold to now practice law, as often happened among this crowd, he had retained the knowledge gained in his youth as to how to judge the ripeness of a pineapple. It seems you can use two thumbs on the bottom of the pineapple and if they squeeze in on the pineapple slightly then the pineapple is ripe. I am going to try it and also go online to learn how to cut the pineapple! Fruit is challenging, always something new to learn.

It is a paradox of modern life that “throwing a steak on the grill” is easier than judging ripeness and learning whether to cut, peel or puree any given fruit or vegetable. But there comes a point in time in the life of every adult over thirty seven when you just have to seek to learn what the fruit men in our immigrant past arrived in America knowing how to do — eat . It’s a lost art. In the immortal words of my Russian grandfather who arrived on the American shores around 1920, “Why are you eating that Chotzeri? * (loosely translated form Yiddish — An object which is eaten but is not considered food in that it is devoid of any nutrients.)

My grandparents home in Brooklyn was a Chotzeri free zone. All of the food was uniquely made out of food. There were no chemicals in my grandmother’s kitchen. If they didn’t understand what it was they would not eat it. As English was not there first language they could not comprehend what chemical contents were, and thus would not eat them. There was no processed food. My grandma and grandpa both survived the Russian Tzar’s plans to kill them, and they sure weren’t taking any chances on eating stuff that could kill a person in America. Bread came from the bakery. Fish from the fish store. Fruits and vegetables from the man with the pushcart who neighborhood folklore held knew more about fruits and vegetables than anybody. He was respected for his expertise. Everyone asked him questions about ripeness and suggestions on when and how to eat the fruit.

Today’s “fruit man” is a health coach. The good news is health coaching is now an equal opportunity field. My coach is a woman named Jeanette.”