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Getting My Life Back – Testimonial

Getting My Life Back‘ was written by a client who completed my 4 Week Guided Cleanse. -xo Jeanette

To be honest, I did not know what I was getting myself into. I knew I wanted to get healthier and took very small steps to getting there but I was not seeing any results. I found Jeanette’s website after an hour Google search through various holistic nutritionists. I decided to take the plunge and do the free consultation. During the consultation, Jeanette was friendly and very informative and made me feel comfortable.

After I spoke with her, I decided that the cost of the program would be worth my path to health, so I did a 4 week guided cleanse. My first meeting with Jeanette face to face was lengthy but informative. Jeanette knows so much about truly making a difference in your health and the fact that it is a holistic approach, made me feel much better. I did not want to do some crazy diet plan or insane gym program. Jeanette showed me a typical day of my cleanse and at first I was not sure if I could do it. But I buckled down and got organized and that really helped. Jeanette already had all the information grouped together, all I had to do was organize it, to truly get the best out of the cleanse (I recommend a binder, as old school as it is).

With organization and Jeanette’s mass of knowledge and amazing attitude, I was able to do the cleanse and learn a lot about how food and my body worked. I have to say, I felt really good after the first week, and I did not feel deprived. I did have some difficulty getting creative with my food, but doing a quick search on Google for recipes and using some of Jeanette’s recipes, it definitely helped me out a lot. And juicing is so much easier and delicious than I ever realized.

I have to say without Jeanette and my family, this journey would be have been that much harder. I cannot say enough about Jeanette’s mentoring throughout this whole process. She is very friendly, informative, and keeps it real (something I very much appreciate when it comes to my health). If you are thinking about getting your health back, I would 100% recommend Jeanette. She has a few different options for you, depending on what you want to do. Let me tell you, your health is worth it and Jeanette can definitely help you.

Very truly yours, Ariana P. Rivera, J.D.

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