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When The Universe Speaks To You, Listen!

Clara’s Voice

Whether you call it your inner voice, gut or intuition, we all hear from that guiding influence within us. The challenge, for some of us, is learning to listen and heed that part of us which is so intrinsically bound to the universe at large.

Over the years I’ve developed a huge respect for my own instinct, I’ve lately begun calling her Clara, and believe we all have our own Clara residing within us. I’ve learned to cherish and value that power inside me. A new and very wise friend has described that inner voice, Clara, as “one’s unique and incredibly intelligent and fiercely loyal intuition that always errs on the side of making a choice for love, happiness, fulfillment…” Powerful sentiment, indeed.

Very recently, I needed to make an important decision with regard to my practice and was faced with a difficult choice. I decided to have a new website constructed and began speaking with web developers and accepting proposals. Frankly it was a confusing endeavor made more difficult by the fact that I wasn’t sure I was being heard or seen or understood and I became quite frustrated by my efforts to find the ‘right’ professional to work with on something that would so powerfully and intimately represent me and how I practice.

That is until I spoke to Bryan Price of The Umbrella Agency. In one conversation I knew with absolute certainty that this guy got me! Getting the written proposal was ultimately a formality, I knew I wanted to work with him…it was a gut feeling, a vibe, and inkling and a perception that I was in the right hands and that my message, my truth, my voice would be masterfully represented. Then I got to work with Ema Olson, Bryan’s partner-in-crime/goddess of polka dots and was even more overwhelmed by how perfectly my instinct (Clara) had guided me. Ema is creativeness personified (and lovely and patient too) and we quickly established a direction, a path if you will, which symbolized and embodied my soul’s work.

This has been a such a joyful experience, a true collaboration of great minds hard at work on a singular vision. I’ve never been better understood by people outside my own family and friends and I believe that is due to their uncanny ability to perceive and read their clients professionally and even personally.

Bryan especially has a strong streak of an empathy and compassion for the struggles and concerns of my clients having had a very difficult journey to his own healing path, this isn’t something I knew about in the beginning but once I found out it made perfect sense…again the universe guiding me to the perfect person/people to help me define my role as a holistic health coach and establish an internet presence.

My Clara (gut/inner voice) could not have served me better in directing my choice in whom to work with on this huge enterprise. I’ve asked myself what more could I possibly have asked for in this experience? (Maybe a preferred customer discount…LOL…just kidding guys !)

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